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Sarah Hastings: Class of  2012

Pr's: 18:24, 10:06, 4:43, 2:21

Signed Scholarship: Montana State, Boise State

Neil Seibert:

Class of 2012

PRs: 15:44, 8:54., 4:00., 1:58

Signed Scholarship: Portland State University

Jantz Tostenson:

Class of 2019

PRs: 15:28, 8:15, 3:54, 1:58

State Champ Track 2009: 1500, 3000m

Signed Scholarship: Georgetown University

Presley Robison: Class of  2020

Pr's: 18:10

Signed Scholarship: Portland State

Crater Distance Project Season 1

(September 7th - November 20th (11 weeks)

  • Meeting to run as a group twice a week: Tuesday/Thursday at 6:00 - 7:30pm

  • 6 Races every two weeks starting Sept 19th (Race will be either Fridays and  Saturdays - sorry schedule is not up yet)

  • All time trial/races will be posted on Athletic.net

  • November 21st - everyone will run/race a 10 mile run/race (modified distance for middle school if necessary)

What you need

  • Waivers, physical and review of all Covid restrictions completed

  • $125 Check to Crater Distance Project - we are still having issues with Paypall: 

  • Backpack with: (a) mask, (b) water bottle, (c) sanitizer, (d) two weights (between 3-12 lbs), Garmin or other watch to track fitness

  • Logged onto Strava - we will send you the group

What you get

  • Training with a group at least twice a week

  • Training system to follow (some of you will have personalized training if you're ready)

  • Pair of shoes ($75 gift certificate to Rogue Valley Runners) after you finish the season

  • Crater Hydro - best Hydro's on the planet (we will order after we get the season started)

Please email Coach Loftus, Coach Jackson or Coach Jasmyn if you have questions?  We will order some extra watches for those that are in financial need.

Coach Loftus: justin.loftus@district6.org

Coach Jackson: levi.jackson@district6.org

Coach Jasmyn: jasmynlmoreno@gmail.com

Head Coach: Justin Loftus  |  (541) 261-0644  |  justin.loftus@district6.org

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